What Techniques Strengthen Author-Publisher Relationships?


    What Techniques Strengthen Author-Publisher Relationships?

    In the literary world, the bond between an author and their publisher is pivotal for success. We've gathered insights from industry experts, including a Bestselling Author and a CEO, to share their top five techniques for nurturing this relationship. From prioritizing face-to-face meetings to defining personal goals clearly, discover the strategies that help forge strong author-publisher partnerships.

    • Prioritize Face-to-Face Meetings
    • Ensure Clear Regular Communication
    • Meet Deadlines and Market Well
    • Maintain Honesty and Kindness
    • Define Personal Goals Clearly

    Prioritize Face-to-Face Meetings

    Relationships are grounded in human connection. If possible, take a face-to-face meeting. Those first impressions lay the foundation for a professional relationship that could survive decades in the digital age. Because the publishing industry is so saturated, there's immeasurable value in an invitation to connect one-on-one with a publisher, editor, or agent of interest. When given an opportunity that grows your network, take it. Be prepared, knowledgeable, and professional at all times. In today's busy world, it's a privilege to gain access to someone else's time. Respect and appreciate it as such.

    Lydia Michaels
    Lydia MichaelsBestselling & Award-Winning Author, Certified Author Coach, Lydia Michaels Books

    Ensure Clear Regular Communication

    The best technique for building and maintaining a strong author-publisher relationship is clear and regular communication. Authors need to know what to expect from each stage of the publishing process, whether it's editing, production activities, or marketing tasks. By communicating regularly via email, phone, or video-call check-ins, publishers can ensure authors are on board for each step. Communication is the key.

    Laura Schaefer
    Laura SchaeferPremium Ghostwriter, Author, Founder, Laura Schaefer LLC

    Meet Deadlines and Market Well

    As a nonfiction book publishing coach and editor, I can say from experience that any author who easily meets due dates, who cheerfully corresponds with their publisher, and who works hard to market their book independently will leave their publisher feeling warm and fuzzy. And, any publisher whose communication is clear and frequent, who is open to input from authors, and who makes the author feel that their book is valued will leave their author feeling warm and fuzzy. Do these things (and sell a decent number of books), and everyone is happy. Sadly, both parties sometimes fall short of this ideal, but when it works, it's magic!

    Daniel Tortora
    Daniel TortoraNonfiction Editor and Publishing Coach, danieljtortora.com

    Maintain Honesty and Kindness

    I worked alongside them, and they helped me every step of the way. Being honest and making sure you like what they do is important. Be kind and understanding with one another to get the book finished. It took me seven years to write my book, but my publisher helped me complete it in a few months with a few awesome tools.

    Tanya EllisBusiness coach, Pooches University

    Define Personal Goals Clearly

    As a hybrid publisher, one of the most important things that authors need to know before reaching out to publishers is their personal goals for the book. The publisher, especially in a hybrid situation, must fully understand what the author wants to do with their book. Whether that be earning high-profile media attention, selling one thousand copies in the first month, or booking more speaking engagements, the author must be clear on their goals in order to find a publisher that can support them. The success of an author-publisher relationship hinges on the outcome. Being clear on the goals right from the beginning will help the author and publisher create a healthy and rewarding relationship.

    Larissa Soehn
    Larissa SoehnCEO, Next Page Publishing Inc.